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greenhouse and greenhouse supplies

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greenhouses,greenhouse supplies

Gothic Arch Greenhouses Inc. based in Mobile AL
  – USA, has served the Horticulture Industry in the USA and abroad for over 60 years. Today, due to the increasing interest from around the world in sustainable protected food production systems, Gothic Arch Greenhouses Inc., introduces a new international marketing division – GLOBAL GREENHOUSE SYSTEMS.

GLOBAL GREENHOUSE SYSTEMS main function is to aid and assist both the public and private sectors in the development of sustainable protected food production systems.

Working in collaboration with many of the world’s largest greenhouse manufacturers, GLOBAL GREENHOUSE SYSTEMS will offer assistance in the planning, coordination, and implementation of state-of-the-art sustainable protected food production systems tailored to the specific economic, climatic and geographic regions of the world. A wide variety of mainstream and innovative agricultural applications exists within sustainable protected food production systems. These systems can be low, medium or high-tech systems and range in scope from the traditional Hydroponics NFT, Dutch Bucket and Trough Vegetable the ever popular Organic Hydroponics systems using eco-friendly natural methods of growth and beneficial insects for pest control... to the innovative and symbiotic Aquaponic system which blends hydroponics vegetable and fruit production with greenhouse enclosed aquaculture fish production.

In some instances, alternative renewable energy systems and biomass recycling are integrated within these systems to further assure the highest quality product and a cleaner environment ...the end result of which is a self-sustaining higher quality of life for all involved. Today’s agricultural production is challenged worldwide to keep pace with the stark reality of exploding populations, soaring energy-costs, diminishing arable lands and unstable weather patterns. This challenge has given rise to an increasing interest in sustainable protected food production systems. To open a dialogue to see how a sustainable protected food production systems can work for you, please fill out our form online. We will be in touch asap! Where ever you are in the world , make Global Greenhouse Systems your partner in developing your protected agriculture project. We look forward to the honor of working with you.

For any questions, comments, or concerns please email us at


BK-Greenhouses,greenhouse supplies

BK-Greenhouses offers a world class quality growing system at surprisingly affordable cost. The use of advanced manufacturing technology, manual or sensor automation and energy saving mechanisms, make BK-Greenhouse growing systems among the best, energy and cost effective greenhouses in the world..

Retractable Roof Greenhouses

Retractable Roof Greenhouses and greenhouse supplies

Retractable roof greenhouses can be used for basic protection of crops or as a complete plant production system with stationary or retractable insect screening, curtain systems for shading, heat retention and black out and perimeter walls with roll-up curtains with optional insect screening. Our retractable roofs are available with either an A-Frame or a Flat Roof profile. Roofs totally open so that plants receive maximum light and infra-red radiation during the early morning and late afternoon to warm up plants to maximize photosynthesis.

High Tunnel Multi-Bay

High Tunnel Multi-Bay,greenhouse supplies

This Greenhouse offers crop protection from rain, wind, hail or even excessive sun. Connecting of high tunnels provides structural stability and beneficial airflow. Increased air volume maintains a more stable climate with lower humidity. Hoop building construction allows easy access and movement for tractors and machinery. If you're looking to cover a large area for as little investment as possible, our Multi-Bay High Tunnel design is just what you need. Contact us today to learn more of how these affordable simple structures can increase your crop production and profit margin.

Glass-Greenhouse system

Glass-Greenhouse system,greenhouse supplies

We have spent the time picking the best lines of glass greenhouses for every price range, architectural, and horticultural application. If you want to have a beautiful, permanent and valuable greenhouse for your project, our Glass Greenhouses may be the best choice for you. Spend some time looking at our different models, and fill out a form or give us a call to get your glass greenhouse project underway. We are looking forward to working on your project. 

Research Level Screenhouses

Research Level Screen houses

These specialized structures are well suited for research level application in hot tropical climate areas.  The placement of a very thin screen reduces the entrance of pests and diseases and also creates a drop in pressure of the air passing through the screen which reduces plant transpiration. The physical exclusion of the insects from the greenhouse reduces the incidence of direct crop damage and also of insect-transmitted virus diseases. There is also an independent roof layer of polyethylene film which keeps the rains out, while allowing maximum passive ventilation.

Aquaculture supplies

Global Greenhouse Systems provide a huge selection of the highest quality and lowest priced greenhouse and grower supplies for the commercial greenhouse professional. From professional level commercial  greenhouses, greenhouse equipment & supplies, no one compares to our friendly service and engaging sales team! Contact us today to discuss your greenhouse project and to receive a competitive quotation on your requirements.

greenhouse  & greenhouse supplies

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