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BK Greenhouse Series

Professional Greenhouses for professional growers

Professional Greenhouses for professional growers

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BK Greenhouses BK Greenhouses BK Greenhouses BK Greenhouses
BK-Snow BK- Tunnels Roof Top Shading Structural Components
For any questions, comments, or concerns please email us at

Why Choose BK

BK-Greenhouses offers a world class quality growing system at surprisingly affordable cost. The use of advanced manufacturing technology, manual or sensor automation and energy saving mechanisms, make BK-Greenhouse growing systems among the best, energy and cost effective greenhouses in the world.

Here are five reasons why you need a BK greenhouse:

  • Its eco-friendly, energy-saving devices reduce operating costs

  • It is able to withstand hostile winter and summer conditions to guarantee produce all year round

  • Key elements such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, shading, and CO2 levels are all activated, automated and monitored through a central controller and the latest in sensor technology

  • Installation is quick and easy, with clever joints that require no welding. Any size area can be protected with ease

  • Best of all, BK systems are affordable

BK Advantages

  • Strong galvanized steel structures fixed with no welded joints

  • Aerodynamic and snow resistant greenhouse options

  • Polyethylene coverings (with excellent light transmitting properties) in 3 or 5 year span options

  • Large vent surfaces protected with insect screens

  • Seamless gutters made from galvanized steel

  • Ready-installed plant hangers which require no additional structures

  • Integrated environment control system with sensor automation

  • Safe and reliable 24volt DC electric vent winders

  • Horizontal curtains for shading and energy saving

  • Circulation fans for cooling and disease control

  • Fogger systems for temperature and humidity control

  • Structure: Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Pipes& Fittings

  • Covering: Ploy Film Specially made for Greenhouses

  • Curtain: Soft film, Reflective film, Fabrics, Non-woven fabrics

  • Environment: Mechanism for ventilations and other equipment Controller

  • Cultivation: Hanging and Tying, Bedding

  • Fertilization: Irrigation controller, sprayer, CO2 generator

  • Nursery: Bed, Substrate, Pots/Trays, Controllers

Factors to be considered

  • Light:  Radiation period, Angles, Plant types, Stance direction.

  • Ventilation: Highest and lowest temperature, Humidity, Manual or Automatic, Exhaust fans, Circulation fans

  • Structure: Height, Width, Material for covering, Equipment, Hanging type, Snow falls, Wind velocity

  • Drain: Rain storms, Elevation, Direction of land slope, Length of greenhouse

  • Traffics: Entrance, Vehicle types, Products and wastes, Packing and waste depot, Vertical or crawling plants. Bedding

  • Layout: Land availability, Distance between houses, Trees or buildings around, Water availability, Management easiness.

  • Maintenance: Power failure, Access, Future extension, Worker availability

  • Budget: Investments before and after greenhouse, Change of cultivation

Choosing the size, covering and budget. Our design team will help to design the BK Greenhouse to suit your project !

greenhouse  & greenhouse supplies

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